Death Magnetic is actually pretty good. Go buy it.

Since you shit heads won't leave me alone here is a FAQ

Q. Hello good sir, why isn't this a Metallica fan site?
A. I bought this domain a long time ago, I may have at one time planned on making it a metallica fan site, but now I'm too lazy or busy to bother with something like that. If you want a metallica fan site go here.

Q. Duude do u like led zeppelin r metalica beter?
A. Metallica. Why do you give a shit? Led Zeppelin sucks anyway.

Q. Why do you own this site if you never use it?
A. I use this domain for many different things that you cannot see by simply going to the front page.

A. Probably Orion, but asking me that question is like asking me to pick my favorite porn star.

Q. goerge bush s suhc a dum fagget i think all poltishians shuld die. am i rite?
A. Please save this for your myspace/xanga/livejournal, because I don't care. At all. (holy shit this is old)

Q. dear random person on the internet i don't even know, there is a man who gives me hope, his name is obama, let me tell you about him...
A. I hate you so god damned much.

Q. u stupid merican we in europe are civilised u wuld be nowhere without the great country of _______.
A. Your country probably sucks and you probably smell. Go to hell.

Q. I am looking for information regarding SAU, I don't know if this is still their website.
A. I used to run SAU back in the day, I'd love to hear from you.